River Watch Beef, LLC Announces Premium Grass Fed Beef Delivery Service Nationwide

RWB-2721.jpgWe are excited for this big announcement! Our family has been raising all natural, grass-fed beef animals for 10 years. Our premium grass-fed beef is now available for nationwide delivery. Read our news release here: https://riverwatchbeef.com/kansas-city-startup-announces-grassfed-beef-delivery-service/

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City-based food start-up River Watch Beef (https://www.riverwatchbeef.com) announces a new local and nationwide delivery service, delivering all natural grass-fed beef, direct from the producer. River Watch Beef produces its own premium beef, sustainably raising Angus and Hereford beef animals in the Midwest that are 100% all-natural, free range and grass fed. The beef is USDA-certified and dry-aged 21 days for a robust flavor and tender texture.

“Our goal at River Watch Beef is to conveniently deliver exceptional beef, on par with fine dining, for about the same price as your local butcher,” said River Watch Beef founder Chris Kovac. “It can be difficult to find quality all-natural grass-fed beef, much less have it delivered. To maintain strict quality standards, we manage the entire process, from raising animals, to processing, packaging and finally delivery to the consumer. We are ‘hands on’ with our beef, and you can literally taste the difference.”

Knowing where your food comes from should be important for everyone, says Kovac. “Most folks have no idea where their food comes from, how it’s produced or what’s in it. We should demand better, if not for ourselves, for our children,” Kovac goes on to say “After raising beef for 10 years, our family discovered that not all beef is the same. The major beef producers usually feed cattle with unhealthy corn, food waste like candy or artificial additives to ‘fatten them up.’ We’re different because our cattle graze on natural and native grasses; our beef is 100% all natural with no additives, no hormones, no GMOs.”

“We’re often asked about the difference between grass-fed beef and typical store-bought beef,” said Kovac. “Grass-fed beef is leaner, has about 30-40% less fat and more antioxidant vitamins compared to corn-fed, store-bought meat. Animals digest more vitamins on a grass diet versus eating corn.” Kovac goes on to say “You can definitely taste a difference. Grass-fed beef has a robust, beefy flavor. The beef gets its flavor from the natural grasses and dry-aging process. The dry-aging is important; the 21 day process makes the beef even more tender and full-flavored. Store-bought beef is not usually dry-aged at all.”

To celebrate the nationwide delivery announcement, https://RiverWatchBeef.com is offering a Sampler Package (approximately 9-10 pounds), including a mix of grass-fed steaks, hamburger and a roast or brisket for $99. That’s approximately 18-20 servings for less than $6 per serving. Delivery is Free to Kansas City area customers and is a flat-rate of $12.95 for nationwide shipping. River Watch Beef welcomes custom beef orders and also offers a Grass Feed Beef Club subscription service, conveniently delivered every month (or two).

River Watch Beef, LLC was founded in 2016 with a mission to deliver premium, responsibly-raised grass fed beef, direct from the producer. River Watch Beef raises free range, premium Angus and Hereford beef animals on native and natural grasses in Colorado and Kansas.

Our USDA-certified beef is 100% all natural (no additives, no GMOs, no hormones) and dry-aged 21 days for a full flavor and tender texture. For more information about River Watch Beef, LLC please visit our website at https://www.riverwatchbeef.com


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