My Adventures in Domain Names

Domain NamesMy buddy Thomas Bosilevac (@bosilytics) and I started our Web design/marketing company back in 1996 and had dreams of being Internet entrepreneurs.  One of the first steps in this journey was to register a company domain name (aka: Web address, URL).  Needless to say, we had a lot of opportunity to get a good, errr, great domain.  We ended up with…hey, we were only 20!  Actually, there were several reasons, but in hindsight, (obviously) that was a #fail.  [The next year we ended up with, and a few others.]

In my third year of college (1997), my friend Jeanette and I ventured on a summer road trip to Dallas to see the Dave Mathews Band.  On the drive down there, we discussed what bars we should visit, but neither of us had ever been to Texas.  I saw a few billboards with hotels, restaurants, etc.  I thought, what if there was an Internet guide where you could find listings/peer ratings of various bars, dance clubs, live music, etc?  When I got home, I began searching for related domain names, like (which I still own).   It’s a lot like sifting for gold and a love for finding good domains was born.

I had some savings bonds my grandparents gave me when I was born.  I took a risk and made an investment in about 100 domains.  I saw a need for user-driven forums (Vbulletin) where people can find the bar/nightlife spot, driven by peer reviews.  This expanded into other verticals, like real estate and entertainment.  In the years following, I had aspirations of developing the sites, growing the traffic and selling them off.

In the end, I sold about 30 domains and bought a few more.  So luckily, I got my investment back; I think my grandparents would be proud.  I currently have too many “irons in the fire” and am looking to sell about 60 great domains, (see the full list of domain names here).  I am interested in selling or possibly co-developing the domains.  If you have any questions per available domains, please email  Thanks!

If you have a domain name story or adventure, I’d love to hear it.  Please leave a comment.


Chris Kovac


One response to “My Adventures in Domain Names

  1. Chris, thanks for taking me back to the good ole days! It is amazing how much the internet has changed since. I still can’t believe our hosting provider required us to put a dash in between the two words. Can we just blame them for not becoming billionaires on that venture. CyberPage … and BEYOND!!

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