The blogging experiment, some thoughts

The blogging experiment, some thoughts

I started down the great blogging experiment on a personal level. Long story short, my first blog in a very long time was about a personal relationship that went awry. You can see the original post in my archive (Permalink: The blog was kind of pseudo-therapy. The night before, I wrote the blog for personal exploration and really to share with my buddies to get their thoughts. I really felt taken advantage of to the millionth degree; by writing about it I found it to be very enlightening. I was also taught a few lessons.

Honestly, I never expected anyone (even her) to see the post. That sounds ridiculous, but I mean, why would people care?And who cares what I have to say?I did, however, hit the publish button and released it to the world. I shared it with some friends to basically see what did I do wrong, or what was I thinking?Why I chose a public venue?Partial ignorance, some naivety, to experiment, to vent into nothingness, who knows?Sure enough I started getting some traffic.I guess everything online really is out there in the public domain.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I posted a blog about a personal issue.Next time I will use email, or not…only spoken word from now on. The outcome greatly exceeded my expectations.That’s the power of interactive/social media.I didn’t post (essentially advertise) the link anywhere, but I did put it on Twitter once.Who looks at this stuff?Someone I guess.Lessons learned.So, forget my private life; it is all on the table now.(really there’s not all that much excitement).This means my thoughts will be public, but I will not write about personal issues again.Did I say lesson learned, yet?

Not thinking it through…

One can clearly say I did not think it through.My only regret is that I used her real name in my blog post.That was a big mistake and I apologize to her for that.I stand by my assessment of the situation, but who cares. In retrospect, I crossed a line. There has been some fallout over my post, or at least her post about the situation. Do’h. I stand by my character and my actions.I also admit I made some mistakes.I feel I am better for the experience, but there were a number of peaks and valleys.It certainly makes life interesting.

What I learned…
I learned several things so far in the “great experiment”

  • I should probably blog under a pseudonym
  • How fast and significant the search engines rank new blogs, I’m amazed
  • People actually listen to these blog things
  • Not going to write about personal issues again
  • I am going to write much more frequently
  • If you are going to start a personal blog, I can give you some hints on what not to do


Sunday 9/29/2008


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