Chris Kovac announces Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Panel

Greetings, fellow social media marketers and enthusiasts!

Chris Kovac, the BMA (Business Marketing Association) Programs co-chair, announces an exciting BMA Lunch and Learn — Social Media Monitoring and Engagement. The lunch is scheduled for noon (people begin arriving around 11:30 am) on Thursday, October 16th.

The lunch will be a moderated panel discussion that includes Justin Gardner (Social Media for AMC – @jpgardner), Adam Coomes (President of Infegy, creator of Social Radar – @adamcoomes) and Valerie Jennings (Jennings Public Relations & Advertising). Each speaker will have approx 10 minutes to discuss their thoughts per their respective disciplines. The final 30 minutes of the lunch will be open to questions from the audience.

The lunch will explore social media monitoring and engagements from three different perspectives: technology, client side and agency side. It would be awesome to get your thoughts on what is most relevant to you and your organization.

I am also open to any questions that you would like to include before the open discussion, as I will be moderating the panel.

I appreciate any thoughts/comments you may have. Info to be posted soon @


Chris Kovac
@chriskovac (Twitter) (LinkedIn)


One response to “Chris Kovac announces Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Panel

  1. Chris~

    Very interesting speakers and subject. I found it an interesting that so many businesses are using social media, especially blogging, to measure the chatter of public opinion, and monitor trends. How clever to follow the chatter to uncover one’s weaknesses and strengths. Also as fasinating is the concept of leveraging the art of storytelling and generating quantitative results. Thanks for organizing such a thought provoking event.

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